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Ernie Goyette: Voccular Delightfulness

Hi, I’m Ernie Goyette. I’m a trained voice actor specializing in corporate narration, but I am also versed in commercials, documentaries, and a host of other recorded voccular (I made that word up) delightfulness.

The Details


Custom Built Recording Booth
CAD Equitek E100S Microphone
Focusrite Preamp & Audio Interface
Mac workstation / Apple Logic / TwistedWave
Live Phone Patch / Skype / Source-Connect

Industry Niches

Business / Corporate / e-Learning
Television / Radio / Movie trailers
Documentaries / Educational
Telephone / On Hold
Pod Casting / Internet


Most projects can be turned around within 24 business hours.


Who reads this stuff? Apparently you do.

I went to college for electronics engineering, which helps me to understand some of the more technical information in scripts. Twenty years in graphic design and advertising has been helpful with voiceover too. In addition to recording and editing your scripts to perfection, on weekends, I currently perform live unscripted comedy at National Comedy Theatre in the longest-running live show in San Diego (similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway on TV). It’s a ton of fun and even helps my narration sound more believable and allows me to change my delivery in a blink of an eye. As a result, I am highly direct-able. I am also an avid sailor and get out on the water whenever I can. Previously in my life, I have performed as a stage actor, worked professionally as a public speaker, a graphic designer, a market researcher, a salesman, a recruiter, and a gourmet hamburger cook.

I won a contest with this funny video (starring ME!) about the Contour ShuttlePro that was shot using my iPhone camera (The ShuttlePro is a great product, by the way).

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