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Voiceover Jokes of the Day

Pun-oriented jokes I made up highlighting VO jargon. On weekends, I do improv comedy on the Main Stage Cast at National Comedy Theatre, so I figured I’d try to cross-pollinate my skills. Honestly, the jokes aren’t very funny; you probably won’t laugh.

Jokes of the day – Week 6

  • Loud Noise While Editing
  • Touching Groceries
  • Football Documentary
  • My Recording Booth Mate
  • Not Hired for Deodorant Spot

Jokes of the day – Week 5

  • What is a Joke / Chinese Restaurant
  • Shoe Company Commercial
  • My Name In the Audition
  • The Soup Commercial
  • Some Jokes are good, some are…

Jokes of the day – Week 4

  • Used Car Commercial

  • Animal Sound Effects

  • How I Call Birds

  • Expert Landscape

  • The Phone Call

Jokes of the day – Week 3

  • First Time Read
  • Breakfast Cereal
  • Deadpan Read
  • Horizontal Plane
  • Mom’s Joke

Jokes of the day – Week 2

  • The Wide Casting Project
  • Police Officer Script
  • Guidance from Recording Engineer
  • Ford F150
  • Not Enough Water

Jokes of the day – Week 1

  • Music Blending
  • Guitar Music
  • Voice Actor’s Dog
  • Canadian Voice Actor
  • Russian Sound Engineer

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