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Voice casting directors have described Ernie’s voice as: Friendly male voice talent, announcer, young dad, husband, all-American, boyish, businessman, compassionate, conversational, courage of conviction, disarming, eager, endearing, gentle, genuine, grounded, innocent (but not naïve), intelligent, lighthearted, natural, mature, pensive, proud, real, reassuring, shy, sincere, smile, sports announcer, sweet, thoughtful, trustworthy, honest, vulnerable, warm, white collar.

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Featured Projects

Ram Mounts Spot (Commercial)

The client sent the script with a general description of the delivery they wanted (described as an “All-American, Levi’s-wearing voice”). After receiving the voice-only recording, they mixed the sound effects and synced the voiceover with the video.

Sealed Explainer Video (Corporate)

Today, companies like to include explainer videos to showcase a product or service. Instructional, e-learning, on-boarding, sample, and other types of videos are popular for easily getting information to the end user.

Sea World Orca Encounter (Documentary)

This voiceover is played several times each day during the live show at Sea World San Diego. It was recorded with live direction where the client could monitor audio from my microphone in real time and direct me as needed.

Client Testimonials

“Thanks Ernie for getting it done so quickly. Appreciate the spell check on the video as well 🙂 Quick turnaround. Great response. Very professional. Thanks.”


“I have worked with Ernie Goyette on several projects. He’s always very professional, creative, and he over-delivers. I can count on Ernie to completely understand my direction and needs for a project. He routinely provides creative input that enhances the project so it turns out better than I had envisioned! I will continue to hire Ernie for voice talent needs in the future.”


“Ernie is very talented and can deliver exactly what you need from him. We’re very satisfied with his work and he was extremely professional and flexible. Looking forward to working with him again on future projects.”


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